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Get the Cats

Augmented Reality - Free

A One-of-a-Kind Augmented Reality Game where you get cats.

Get the Cats is an augmented reality game where you search through houses looking for cats; lots and lots of cats. Just find yourself a little space and use your phone as a window on a whole new game world just waiting for you to explore it.

Each house has a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. And in each room, you will find four cats hiding, as only cats know how to do. You will need to use your phone to look under furniture, on top of wardrobes, even inside cupboards and drawers!

Get the Cats is a fantastic game for adults and kids alike. And it’s a fun game for adults to play with their kids! You will need to get up and move. You can’t play Get the Cats sitting on your sofa. 


4.8 Rating

"Finally, a game that gets kids off their seats

A lot of fun especially if you want to get your kids to move. It’s in AR and you have to search a virtual room to find cats. What could be simpler! Unlike some AR games the room is contained. No need to cross the road or climb into other people’s gardens."

"Super fun!!!

This game is amazing to play especially along with kids of all ages! Try it out for yourself."

"Easy and great fun

Love the easy of play and how I can walk through the rooms, great job."

Race against the clock and collect cats through 11 levels of endless fun

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