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Super Ultra changes the approach to games with blockchain by putting the game first and using Web3 technology to supercharge rewards and retention.

We believe that blockchain can make the games you love to play better, from the AAA blockbusters on consoles and PCs that offer hundreds of hours of gameplay to the most casual games you play on your phone. Blockchain can transform your sense of ownership of the game, the assets you win, and the community you play with.

Super Ultra is blessed with an incredible team of people. Some of them wake up in the morning, and all they want to do is make great games. Some of them just want to push blockchain technology to the next level. When these two groups get together, the result is magic.





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We Treasure Honesty

Honesty is the glue that makes a team shine. This means being honest with yourself, with your teammates (no matter their relative position to yours) and with all whom you have professional dealings. No one at Super Ultra will ever be penalized for trying to do the right thing. And being honest about the things that challenge you will always be the right thing. 

We Celebrate Diversity

Our viewpoints and our ways of looking at the world are forged in the experiences of our past. Many varied viewpoints on a given challenge are the key to the best decisions and outcomes. It is our heartfelt belief that diversity is our greatest strength, in all its possible interpretations. We strive for the best talent that can be found and we know that is made easier by casting the widest net possible.

We Encourage Initiative

Good ideas can come from anywhere and a good idea not offered is an opportunity that cannot be taken. At Super Ultra, everyone’s opinion is important, and all ideas matter. Everyone is encouraged, even expected, to step forward when they see a challenge that needs facing or an opportunity that needs taking. Failure is celebrated when it leads to new learning that makes us better in the future.

We Strive to be Better

No matter how long you have lived, or what title is on your business card, you will always have something to learn. We expect people to consistently look to improve themselves in all ways possible. We care about you from your health to your professional achievements. And, given that we encourage initiative, we will always welcome suggestions or ideas about how to help team members with personal development.

We Move as One

We are the little company that can and the growing company that will. If we maintain our core values of honesty, diversity, encouraging initiative and striving for personal development and self-improvement, and sprinkle a little helping of clear communication, there are no limits to what we can achieve. We may all have our individual parts to play, but they are all part of the single whole that is Super Ultra.

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