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Ready to jump into Web3?

Super Ultra is your one-stop destination for any blockchain development you need for your project.

Contact us now to work with our team of expert game & blockchain developers!
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Blockchain made easy

Smart contract development for games
Low-gas multi-wallet asset transfer tool
Efficient NFT minting and customization
Blockchain SDK for game developers

What we Offer

Tokens (ERC-20/ERC-777)

Super Ultra offers a full suite of services to get your token on-chain and trading. We write smart contracts that comply with the highest industry standards to ensure highest levels of security and reliability. Our expert developers can customise token functions to allow for special requirements such as pausability, timelocks, and transaction burns.

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The process of taking a digital asset and converting the digital file into a digital asset stored on the blockchain as a commodity that can be bought, sold and exchanged.

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A whitelist is a list of registered and approved participants that are given exclusive access to contribute to an ICO or a pre-sale.

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Also called the token lockup period, vesting refers to a period in which tokens sold in the pre-sale ICO stage and offered to partners and project team members as incentives for their contribution are prevented from being sold for a specific period.

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A snapshot refers to the ability to record the state of a computer system or storage device at a specific point in time by recording the state of a blockchain on a particular block height.

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A flash loan is an instant loan that must be repaid within a single Ethereum transaction.

NFTs (ERC-721/ERC-1155)

Super Ultra is an expert when it comes to NFTs. We can batch mint NFTs to complex rarity tables and we can also batch mint composed NFTs which contain multiple digital assets of their own. Our NFT smart contracts can be customised to allow for breeding and royalty mechanisms.

Platforms, Products and Solutions

Super Ultra’s team is made up of a full-stack of programming disciplines; front end, mobile, back end and blockchain developers, all of whom have considerable experience in creating high quality digital solutions. 

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Cross-Chain Bridges

Two, three and four-way bridge and wallet balance solutions enable token holders to easily move value between blockchains including both Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains

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MultiSignature Wallets

The perfect solution for token treasuries. Customized multisig wallets enable more secure controls on assets with customisable access and withdrawal options. 

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Smart-Contract Factories

Smart contract factories are smart contracts that mint new smart contracts.This is ideal for games that need to mint new objects as NFTs to reward player achievements, for example.

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Staking and Claim Portals

We provide the full variety of stake and claim portals, from simple open staking to complex multiple-lock options for both single token and liquidity pairs, with available NFT-based staking bonuses. Claim portals are used to either claim vesting tokens or to replace tokens in the event of a token swap. Can be combined with bridge functionality.



We can create UniSwap style decentralized exchange portals for your gaming ecoystem or for your platform.

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Central Gaming Smart Contracts

A special type of smart contract designed to interact with games and control all the economic functions within a game and game ecosystem.


DAO Infrastructure

Custom voting and communication platforms with token and NFT based leveled access for your community.

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Payment Splitters

Smart contracts which enable fees to be sent to multiple accounts which is ideal for team games and much more. 


Step 1: On-Chain Logic

  • Determining what data will be tracked on-chain.

  • Finalizing what must be set in stone at the outset, what constants are unknown, and what variables are required so that the smart contract can fulfill its purpose.

  • Finalizing the required methods of access, such as call and response functions and front-end functionality

Step 2: Smart Contract Coding

  • Designing the logic and laying out the first version of the code

  • Preparing any migration files, especially when multiple chains are involved

  • Initial unit testing for principle functions to ensure best practises are adhered to for design and security

Step 3: Security Assessment

  • Known vulnerabilities

  • Logic errors

  • Opportunities to improve efficiency (which impacts speed and gas fees)

  • Other opportunities to reduce gas requirements

Step 4: Local Testing

  • First round of testing

  • Find all types of issues and bugs

  • Most time intensive period of process

Step 5: Testnet Deployment

  • Public blockchain testnet

  • First chance for client to test

Step 7: Final Testing and Release

  • Verify smart contracts

  • Public announcement

Step 6: Mainnet Deployment

  • Use live tokens

  • Update all domains and front end code

  • Third party audit if required or asked by the client

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Why Outsource?

Smart contract development is unlike other software development. We say this because once smart contracts are deployed, it is not possible to make incremental changes or bug fixes.

An updated contract means an entirely new deployment, with a new contract address. This forces asset holders to unstake or remove their assets from the original contract and then re-stake or deploy them to the new one.

The service cannot migrate assets on behalf of their users. This means the process for smart contracts cannot be rushed, and is subject to the highest levels and standards of testing. Methodology and thoroughness trump speed.

Previous Work

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An innovative service that can pack up the contents of a wallet and send it in a single transaction to another wallet address. The most time and gas-efficient way to move anything. 

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