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Game Development Services

We are a game development studio that will turn your game idea into reality.

Do you have a game idea but do not know where to start? You have come to the right place. Contact us now to work with our team of developers - from game designers, artists to Unity developers - we have got you sorted.

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Unity Game Development Services

 Are you looking for a Unity Game Development company? Super Ultra can provide Unity Game Development services for mobile, desktop, 3D/AR, Console, and more. 


Our multifaceted team of C# developers are capable of taking on your most challenging project.

What We Offer

  • Unity game development from concept to deployment

  • Integration of Unity with Blockchain technologies such as Metamask and Wallet Connect

  • Games for PC, Web, iOS and Android

How We Work

We combine an industry standard five stage game development process overlayed with a fully agile approach. This ensures we deliver good code on time.

Five Stage Process:

Step 1: Planning

This is where we start with an idea and develop a plan, centered around the Game Design Document (GDD). The GDD will cover many aspects of the final game experience, including:

  • The overall premise and expectations for the game

  • User experience and game flow from start to finish

  • All applicable game mechanics

  • Initial design concepts and art direction

  • Technologies to be employed

Step 3: Testing

Testing is a continuous process during development. We test for broken mechanics, bugs, experience issues, look and feel issues. Everything is tested again and again. 

Step 5: Post-Launch Support

​Games inevitably reveal imperfections after public launch. The post-launch support phase is all about reacting quickly to those situations. Managing bug reports from players and providing patches or updates to fix them, and communicating with players in online forums during this time.

Step 2: Development

The primary design and coding process, project managed using agile principles, with constant feedback mechanisms between the client and our development team.

This phase will loop with the testing phase below as the game moves through various stages from initial prototypes and mechanics examples to alpha, beta and the final release candidate. 

Step 4: Publishing

​Release of the first version of the game to all appropriate delivery mechanisms such as mobile app stores, or web delivery. Everyone is on duty at this time to catch any unforeseen events and ensure that the first public exposure to the game is successful.

Previous Work

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An innovative service that can pack up the contents of a wallet and send it in a single transaction to another wallet address. The most time and gas-efficient way to move anything. 

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