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Say Hello to Super Ultra

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Welcome to Super Ultra, a game development studio focused on integrating blockchain to build into the Web3 future.

We believe that gaming in Web3 must allow for decentralized and interconnected functionalities where players can own their experience. And we’re building that through our social gaming platform.

The Super Ultra Platform is a free-to-play social gaming platform that rewards players for time spent playing. There are gameplay modes for everyone: whether you like to play games to level up in skills, compete against others, play with friends and teams or simply watch others play.

With our in-house game development team, we will be developing and curating a suite of games that range from simple one click games, to puzzle games to action adventure games and more!

The platform will not only host regular tournaments for single or team players, but players add on to the game experience in customizable ways.

Super Ultra will be mobile first, available like any app through the App Store and Google Play. Anyone can download and start playing and earning rewards. You will only need to use decentralized apps such as MetaMask if you want to off-ramp your rewards, for example sell the NFTs you win through a marketplace such as OpenSea. Many players would be able to take advantage of the full ecosystem from within the app on their phones, never having to once delve into the world of MetaMask and its cumbersome UI.

This design approach implies two outcomes. First, genuine mass market potential in the largest, if most competitive, gaming segment. Second, any game that produces a score, even if it is solely designed to be single player, can be adapted to work on the platform. This means we are not limited to only developing games in house but can also from third party developers looking for new monetization opportunities.

Super Ultra makes all this possible with our internally developed ecosystem of blockchain tools, including the world’s first multi-asset single transfer tool called MoveMyWallet, as well as our batch minted composable NFTs software, Pack Generator.

We very much believe that blockchain will transform video games, ushering in new opportunities for interoperability of game assets between games and highly innovative processes to improve retention in gaming ecosystems. Retention is the most critical challenge facing any video game enterprise. However, marketing games as crypto assets puts the emphasis on the token and not the game, and mainstream adoption means it has to make for better games, not better performing tokens.

At almost 3 billion active video gamers worldwide in 2021*, one third of humanity is currently playing games on an electronic device, and this figure will continue to grow, as will the current industry valuation of almost $300 billion**. The “blockchain gaming” niche is a fly on this economic wall. Changing the focus to building great games, accessible on devices like any other game, but incorporating player-owned assets into the infrastructure is the change that is needed to reform the reputation of blockchain in the mainstream market.

We are blessed with a happy, healthy and hyped team committed to making Super Ultra a reality. We know the journey will require us to overcome many challenges, but that is what makes it so exciting and worthwhile. As John F Kennedy said so eloquently in 1962,

We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard;

If only Kennedy had known 60 years ago what going to the moon would mean today!

Phil Ingram

Co-Founder & CEO, Super Ultra

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