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Super Ultra’s First #PlayToFly Game Is Live on Android

2048 To Fly combines classic puzzle action with the chance to win miles

Super Ultra is thrilled to announce that the first of our #PlayToFly games is now available on the Google Play store. 2048 to Fly is a classic puzzle game that has delighted countless players for years. Now you can play the game in a new way and earn chances to win thousands of miles that can be used towards your next holiday in the sun.

2048 To Fly is published through Skysurfer Games, our joint venture with Hong Kong fintech company divit. Gameplay is rewarded with tickets to a weekly draw for 20,000 divit miles, which are convertible 1-1 with Asia Miles, the rewards currency for Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Express Airways. Players can quickly sign up for a divit account in the app and start playing for these valuable travel rewards.

2048 To Fly represents the Gamification Pillar in Super Ultra’s four-pillar approach to customer engagement, retention and loyalty. Games are an effective way for brands to engage with their customers when they are not in direct contact, for example, when airline customers are not travelling.

“It’s exciting to see the first game published through our partnership with divit,” noted Phil Ingram, Founder & CEO of Super Ultra. “Gamification is one of the most powerful tools in the loyalty toolkit, and given that airline loyalty presents some of the most valuable customer bases on earth, we are excited to see this grow as new games are released, and new airline partnerships are announced.”

2048 To Fly is available right now on the Google Play Store. A version for iOS is expected to follow soon. See the trailer here.

About Super Ultra

Super Ultra’s vision is to make Web3 relevant in the real world by disrupting loyalty harnessing Web3 technologies. Super Ultra is building Meed, the next-generation unified loyalty platform based on four key pillars; interoperability, programmable rewards, open ecosystems, and gamification.

Super Ultra operates a hybrid Web2/Web3 strategy within the loyalty market, creating its Web3-powered loyalty platform for SMEs while at the same time creating games and forms of gamification for existing Web2 loyalty programs.


About Skysurfer Games

Skysurfer Games is a Hong Kong-based company that makes hypercasual mobile games which turn play into air miles. The company is a joint venture between fintech company divit, which partners with global airlines to turn loyalty into technology, and Super Ultra, a mobile game and web3 developer, Skysurfer Games. Skysurfer Games offers players real tangible rewards and gives airlines ways of extending the brand experience beyond the confines of the aeroplane cabin.

About divit

divit is a Hong Kong-based fintech partnering with airlines to turn loyalty into technology. Through its rewards, payment and e-commerce platforms, divit helps brands engage millions of frequent flyers with the ability to earn, win and spend miles.

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