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Super Ultra Delivers New Gachapon Machine

Super Ultra has completed a new version of its Gachapon Machine for its client and partner company, Lepricon.

The Gachapon machine is our unique NFT delivery system that gamifies how consumers can purchase NFTs and incorporates several innovative features and technological developments.

Composed NFTs

Given the importance of digital asset packs in games with Blockchain, one of our core competencies is in the mass generation, or batch minting, of composed NFTs, where one digital asset contains multiple assets in the form of NFTs or ERC-20 tokens. The NFTs delivered by the Gachapon Machine are composed NFTs that users unpack using a simple claim system.

We use the same technology in our public composed-NFT minting system, Pack Generator, and our user app, MoveMyWallet, also created for Lepricon.

NFT Claiming System

Lepricon has also implemented our refreshed claim system for composed NFT packs. Users simply connect their wallet to the claim page, displaying all available packs. Then, after a straightforward transaction, the system sends all the assets contained in the pack to the user's wallet address.

Why is this important for games with blockchain

A common feature in the gaming experience is buying downloadable content or DLC packs of in-game currency or equipment. This facility is widespread in AAA games on consoles and PC and casual games on mobile. Our Pack Generator technology solves that problem for blockchain games, bringing the DLC experience to Web3.

Phil Ingram, Co-Founder and CEO of Super Ultra Studio, says,

We all agree that blockchain technology and the Web3 approach will bring significant changes to the video game experience for the mainstream gaming community. However, it is still important that we enable gamers to recognize the process based on their previous experience. Our Pack Generator technology makes acquiring packs of in-game assets similar to the process of buying DLC that they are used to.

About Super Ultra

Super Ultra is a game development and publishing studio based in Hong Kong. With a team of seasoned game developers, blockchain developers and creatives, we are gamers at heart looking to bring accessible and addictively fun games to the world and most importantly - put the players’ first.

You can find more information about Super Ultra:


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