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Skysurfer Games - Landing on a mobile phone near you

Introducing Play to Fly

  • Skysurfer Games is producing hypercasual mobile games which reward play with air miles.

  • The company is a joint venture between fintech company divit, and game developer, Super Ultra, both based in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong [February 14th, 2023] Hong Kong-based fintech company, divit, and mobile game and web3 developer, Super Ultra, have teamed up to launch an exciting new joint venture, Skysurfer Games. Skysurfer Games produces hypercasual mobile games that reward players with divit miles, a loyalty reward convertible to airline mileage schemes. Hypercasual games are ones that feature a single dominant mechanic, are easy to pick up but often hard to master.

Skysurfer Games is creating games for all demographics and interests which reward time and participation with divit miles, which can be used on the divit eCommerce platform and redeemed for air miles, gift cards, spent as cash on its payment platform, or even donated to charity.

This new category of games is produced under the concept of Play to Fly.

Skysurfer has completed the first three games, demonstrating the entire rewards mechanism. It will exhibit these games and how the mileage rewards work at the Aviation Festival in Singapore, which runs from February 28 to March 1 this year.

divit already has established partnerships with Cathay Pacific and HK Express in Hong Kong. When the first games launch on the App and Play stores in the Spring, players can instantly convert their divit miles 1 to 1 for Asia Miles.

Phil Ingram, Founder and CEO of Super Ultra and Co-Founder of Skysurfer Games, said,

The challenge for hypercasual games has always been retention because often the rewards earned have limited real-world value beyond some stickers and the ability to buy in-game items. However, playing one of our games can take you a few miles closer to your next holiday destination or an upgrade on your next flight. This reward mechanism will redefine the motivation to play a few minutes more.

David Yu, Founder of divit and Co-Founder of Skysurfer Games, said,

Airlines constantly look for ways to increase brand loyalty when their customers are not flying. Hypercasual gaming provides exactly that, 24/7 customer engagement anywhere and everywhere, from the sofa at home, riding on public transport, or even waiting to board a plane. Remember watching game shows on TV where contestants can win prizes? Skysurfer Games allows everyone a chance to win their dream holiday, anywhere, anytime...

Skysurfer Games will operate three distinct revenue streams.

  1. Skysurfer-branded games earn divit miles, instantly redeemable for Asia Miles, and later other airline programs

  2. Co-branded games published for airline partners where players earn miles in the respective mileage program

  3. Custom content for airline and tourism partners which promote specific destinations or brands.

Skysurfer Games intends to have a catalogue of at least 20 games across multiple genres by year-end.

For further information, please contact us at

About Skysurfer Games

Skysurfer Games is a Hong Kong-based company that makes hypercasual mobile games which turn play into air miles. The company is a joint venture between fintech company divit, which partners with global airlines to turn loyalty into technology, and Super Ultra, a mobile game and web3 developer, Skysurfer Games. Skysurfer Games offers players real tangible rewards and, simultaneously, gives airlines ways of extending the brand experience beyond the confines of the aeroplane cabin.

About divit

divit is a Hong Kong-based fintech partnering with airlines to turn loyalty into technology. Through its rewards, payment and e-commerce platforms, divit helps brands engage millions of frequent flyers with the ability to earn, win and spend miles.


About Super Ultra

Super Ultra is a video game and Web3 development studio headquartered in Hong Kong with development facilities in Hong Kong and Thailand. Super Ultra offers extensive experience in full-cycle game development across mobile and desktop platforms, extended reality, smart contract and dApp development, and NFT technology.

Super Ultra is part of the Sors Ecosystem of companies, including a security token platform, creator economy pioneers, and vaulted digital asset custody services. Super Ultra’s ability to package all of these solutions into a single comprehensive option makes Super Ultra the perfect partner for mainstream brands entering the digital economy and the Metaverse.


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