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Planet Giant Wins 2nd in Moralis X Cronos Metaverse Gaming Hackathon

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Super Ultra is thrilled to announce that it has placed second in the Moralis X Cronos Metaverse Hackathon. Teams from all over the world competed to demonstrate the application of Web3 and NFTs in games. Planet Giant was created in just seven weeks and received some stellar comments from the judging panel, stating that the graphics resembled that of a AAA game. This comment is a massive compliment as this has been part of Super Ultra’s vision to create addictive and fun hyper-casual games with a AAA feel.

The Moralis X Cronos Hackathon offered a $75,000 prize pool split among the top 3 projects, with second place earning a prize of $20,000.

You can view the awards ceremony here. Planet Giant starts at the 12:10 mark.

David Phalaris, Super Ultra’s Lead Game Producer, had the following to say about the win,

Teamwork is dream work, which showed with this project as everyone came together magnificently to pull it off. I am glad our game and ideas pleased the judges, and I am delighted with their comments and the recognition they gave.

Paul Chan, Unity Developer, said,

I am cheerful we went that far with one of our first action blockchain games

So are we, Paul. We’re incredibly proud of this achievement! It is a landmark event to accelerate the development of games at Super Ultra and an excellent advertisement for the sort of work we can do for our clients.

Planet Giant will now enter commercial development for market release. We will extend the gameplay and see this game as part of a more extensive IP and story, and all built on an economic engine powered by smart contracts and using our sister company, Lepricon’s LPR token, as the in-game currency.

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