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Planet Giant: Super Ultra Participates in Moralis x Cronos Hackathon With New Game

Super Ultra is excited to announce its participation in the Moralis x Cronos Metaverse Game Hackathon with the submission of its new game: Planet Giant. Moralis recently integrated Cronos onto their cross-chain workflow, which inspired the two to collaborate and create this hackathon. They aim to empower developers to create innovative Web3 games and metaverses that leverage Moralis’ streamlined multichain workflow and Cronos’ fast EVM compatibility.

Planet Giant was conceived and created for the Hackathon in just seven weeks.

The Game

This single-player action-adventure game aims to integrate the utility of NFTs as both playable game characters and items that connect to a simple yet robust gaming platform.

The game takes place on Planet Choria, home to a mystical fairy race called Eldora with a unique power. It is said that whoever harvests the energy of the Eldora can rule the universe. Hungry for this power, you play the villain determined to capture the fairies while there is still time. The challenge, however, is that you must avoid getting crushed by a menacing giant (protector of the Eldora) that chases you relentlessly. Built using Unity 3D, the world of Planet Giant offers players a fully immersive gaming experience in a thrilling Player-versus-Environment (PvE) setting.

Planet Giant’s integration with blockchain is seamless. At the start of the game, users are prompted with a QR code that enables players to connect to their Metamask wallet hassle-free by scanning it with their mobile device. The navigation menus are simple and display the NFTs you have collected so far, unlockable special items, and an achievement list. The game is free to play, and players can earn character skins by unlocking achievements. In addition, players may stake the fairies they collect to earn XP & G-Coins (the currency of Planet Giant and future tradable cryptocurrency), exchange them for special items, join lucky draws for rare items, or simply play and cash out.

The game's design is low poly in style, but the world of Planet Giant is undeniably beautiful. The game features many levels and becomes increasingly difficult as the number of fairies you need to capture increases.

Game Specifications

Paul Chan, Unity Developer for Super Ultra who worked on Planet Giant extensively, had the following to say about the game,

The goal for Planet Giant was to create a simple yet beautiful game that is fun, challenging, and rewards players. As someone relatively new to the blockchain world, it’s been an awesome experience to see how we can use the technology in games to improve the player experience. My experience with other games using blockchain was that trying to get the blockchain part to work was a game in itself. That’s why we wanted Planet Giant to be as easy as possible to use, and I believe we achieved this by introducing new methods like QR codes to connect or obtain new NFTs, simplifying the process.

Super Ultra built the NFTs and NFT marketplace on Cronos and utilized Moralis to create Planet Giant in the following ways:

  • use of a Moralis server

  • use of Moralis API/SDK in the Webapp

  • use of Moralis API/SDK in the Unity Game

  • use of Moralis Database for the Marketplace

  • Webapp inspired by the marketplace boilerplate

Development Languages & Tools:

Built with:

  • Backend: Hardhat, Slither, Solidity, IPFS, Node.js, Moralis

  • Front-end: React.js, TypeScript, Moralis

  • Game: Unity, C#, Moralis

Future Plans

Planet Giant was designed with scalability in mind and future expansions will introduce new game modes such as Player-versus-Player (PvP), as well as a significant graphics upgrade for the commercial version. However, Super Ultra has even bigger plans for the game. Planet Giant will be the first game in a larger multiverse. Super Ultra plans to release more games that will continue the players' story to become the ultimate ruler of the universe. The games will be interconnected story-wise and part of a portal website that allows players to buy and trade items, stake G-Coins, and participate in special seasonal events.

The alpha for Planet Giant is available now! Play it here:

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Emiway Raftaar
Emiway Raftaar
Sep 23, 2022

This is amazing!

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