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Introducing MoveMyWallet: Instantly transfer all your crypto assets to another wallet!

  • MoveMyWallet is an innovative and unique dApp built by the Super Ultra team

  • The dApp enables you to transfer all your crypto assets from one wallet to another wallet of your choice in one single transaction.

  • It is compatible with Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon.

Super Ultra is excited to formally introduce one of our products, MoveMyWallet, a dApp built to solve a common problem all crypto investors face - transferring multiple assets at once. MoveMyWallet allows users to instantly move multiple assets from one wallet to another in one transaction, saving both time and cost (by reducing the payment on gas fees).

MoveMyWallet is first-of-its-kind, and nothing like it has been created by anyone, including the crypto giants at Binance, Coinbase, or anywhere else.

That’s why we have completely open-sourced MoveMyWallet with the help of thorough smart contract audits from multiple firms, in order to both push cooperation and innovation forward. All the code is in our public GitHub repository which you can find here.

What does MoveMyWallet do?

The smart contracts for MoveMyWallet automatically bundle up your assets to allow seamless transfers of your assets regardless of whether you are moving tokens or NFTs. Our dApp ensures you are able to move your crypto assets with low gas fees, superb efficiency, and most importantly, no hassle!

All you need to do is launch our app, connect your wallet, make a few inputs (as instructed in the app) and your assets will reach your desired address in no time.

Why did we build MoveMyWallet?

When we started building MoveMyWallet, our aim was to introduce a viable solution in the Web3 space that allows users to quickly and easily transfer all their assets in one single transaction. We ourselves had been fed up with paying excessively high gas fees when trying to individually transfer all our assets from different chains. The pain points we encountered were a problem we knew we had to solve, and that is how the idea to build MoveMyWallet struck us.

In light of the recent FTX scandals in the crypto world, our dApp has become of more importance than ever. Crypto users have been transferring their assets to other wallets to keep them safe before any other exchanges put a pause on withdrawals. In such situations, MoveMyWallet is an easy solution for users to protect their assets quickly and easily by transferring all of their assets at once to a cold wallet. There are great offers on hardware wallets this Black Friday (Ledger / SafePal) and this would be the perfect way to move all those assets in your hot wallet in one go.

How Does It Work?

  1. Visit our website and Connect your Wallet

  2. Select your current wallet and sign into it, allowing a connection to MoveMyWallet

  3. Select a network at the top

  4. Select the tokens you want to be transferred, or if you wish, click Select All

  5. Click the middle arrow >

  6. Repeat the process with your NFTs

  7. Select your payment option

  8. Click Bundle and Confirm transaction — the bundle will be complete in seconds

  9. Paste your receiving wallet for the final transfer

  10. Click Transfer, Confirm it, and you’re done!

If you prefer video, watch this 2-minute guide to see a walkthrough of how MoveMyWallet works.

We hope that now you see what a simple yet effective product MoveMyWallet can be — you can forget expensive transfers, user-experience pains, and the hassle of trying to move all your digital assets. Check out MoveMyWallet now!

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