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Games With Blockchain: Crypto Enthusiasts and “True” Gamers

Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sega, and Bandai Namco are all huge names in the gaming world. Recently, they have been making a splash in the world of crypto for their announcements about incorporating blockchain technology into their games. But many in the crypto community enthusiasts are wondering why it is taking so long for the gaming giants to come forth with any meaningful blockchain games. There appears to be a clear disconnect between blockchain game enthusiasts, “true” gamers, and their corresponding excitement for blockchain.

Ubisoft was at the forefront of implementing blockchain technology in 2020, however, they faced intense backlash from their community after launching a project that failed, having only generated 15 sales and $400 in revenue. Ubisoft’s disastrous attempt at in-game NFTs set a precedent for AAA gaming companies. It has taken a few years for the gaming giants to reemerge in the blockchain scene, but now it seems like they are ready to try again.

Before we go into some exciting announcements from these leaders in gaming, let’s explore why there seems to be a disconnect between crypto enthusiast gamers and the sentiments of “true” gamers towards the pros and cons of blockchain technology.

In a recent LinkedIn post, a representative at Animoca brands stated “In traditional games, players contribute time and effort to play but get nothing in return. They can’t resell gaming assets they spent so much time acquiring nor takethese assets into other games.”

It is true that in traditional gaming, ownership of in-game assets is a pain point for many. For crypto enthusiast gamers, blockchain (more specifically NFTs) can truly reinvent the gaming experience and bring greater rewards to the player, presenting a win-win situation where both loyalty and retention are improved. However, the position of the “true gamer” would question that gamers get “nothing in return” in traditional gaming as many gamers do get something; entertainment. Moreover, adding an additional economic layer where characters and items become transactional goods with price tags could take away the purity and enjoyment of gaming. For many, games are an escape from the daily hustle and bustle to advance oneself monetarily.

There is merit to both perspectives and there is enough room for all kinds of games in the future. However, there is no doubt that games with blockchain are still in their infancy and we are yet to see games that truly utilize blockchain andNFTs in a way that improves the gaming experience in a profound way. Blockchain technology is advancing rapidly and in one of our previous articles we explored how major gaming titles can incorporate blockchain technology to elevate the experience for their fans. While it has been a slow start, many major gaming giants have already begun incorporating blockchain technology into their gaming ecosystem.

For instance, Sega is launching a project called ‘Super Game’ which intends to be a banner that releases various AAAtitles that incorporate a “comprehensive range of technologies including featuring NFTs” over the course of the next five years. Moreover, recently Square Enix announced that it has become a validator on the Oasys blockchain gaming platform which is another huge step for such a gaming giant to incorporate blockchain technology. This means the gaming giant will provide security and computing power to the blockchain which can clearly open up many more doors for integration in the future. Partnering with the same company Oasys, Sega has also announced its first blockchain game in the form of a digital collectible card game with Sega providing the Sangokushi Taisen license.

In fact, a few weeks back in the 2022 Tokyo Games Show, it was shared that big gaming companies like Bandai Namco and other notable companies are not just jumping on the crypto bandwagon, but actually have a long-term vision for blockchain-based gaming. We understand that the road to bridging top-tier games and NFTs has a long journey ahead, but there is massive potential in this multibillion-dollar industry. In fact, Super Ultra is working toward bringing a mass-adopted AAA blockchain game. Stay tuned for updates!

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