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Super Ultra team members participated in the Cronos x Moralis Gaming Metaverse Hackathon 2022. Throughout 6 weeks, they worked to conceptualize, design, and build a Pre-Alpha demo of the first game that will be part of a larger multiverse. The hackathon was a success and Planet Giant was awarded 2nd place!

Find all the fairies, collect all the coins and survive before the giants get to you!

Hackathon Submission Deck

Github Links

(Windows only)

Marketplace and WebDapp

Screenshot 2022-09-16 133229.png

The Story

S A V E   E L D O R A

This was the last distress signal from Planet Choria in year 2852 xd... before the collapse of their governing AI, leading to the auto-release of the Giants.


Eldora, a mystical fairy race native to Planet Choria hold a power unlike any other. It is said that whoever harvests their power can rule the universe.


While all the planets start building their fleets, you take one step ahead.


Because there is no one else who wants to rule the universe more than you.


This is a game where you play the villain.


Find all the fairies and collect as many Giant Coins as you can! There is only so much time for you to get to the exit.


But be careful... at every turn the Giants are chasing after you.

Don't get caught! 


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Currently deployed on CRONOS TESTNET:

NFT contract address: 0x8208Bb3a2e25310BAd343fD80968F061F23a707B

Marketplace contract address: 0xd5A32E3fb8cBeacbd10E51172067A5AEf02Ef5D6

  • use of a Moralis server

  • use of Moralis API/SDK in the Webapp

  • use of Moralis API/SDK in the Unity Game

  • use of Moralis Database for the Marketplace

  • Webapp inspired by the marketplace boilerplate


Development Languages & Tools

Built with:

  • Backend: Hardhat, Slither, Ethers.js, Solidity, IPFS, Node.js, Moralis

  • Front-end: React.js, TypeScript, Moralis, Antd

  • Game: Unity, C#, Moralis

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