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Play Gachapon! Win an NFT with every go.

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We based Gachapon on the vending machines popular in Japan and other Asian countries that dispense capsules with toys or other goodies. The name Gachapon (also known as Gashapon) comes from the sounds of turning the crank handle (Gacha) and the capsule landing in the tray (pon).


There have already been many digital versions of Gachapon delivered through mobile apps and in many types of video games. Now we have our own, and this one dispenses NFTs. Lots and lots of NFTs.

Season One Gachapon NFTs all contain a Chilli Bottle NFT. There are ten thousand of these of varying rarity. These NFTs will play a significant role in expanding the Super Ultra arcade. Just hold on to them for now.


Cold Hard Cash

Each Gachapon NFT also contains cold hard cash (Polygon USDT). The smallest amount is 50 cents. The largest amount is US$125. In total, these 10,000 Gachapon Season One NFTs contain over 17,500 USDT. 


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