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Bringing Web3 to the forefront of everyday life.


We employ Web3 solutions for businesses to increase brand loyalty. We drive engagement and revenue growth.

Super Ultra Group

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Super Ultra's game-centric approach utilizes Web3 technology to build  rewards and retention mechanisms.


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Meed empowers any business with enterprise-quality loyalty tools using Web3 technologies.


Skysurfer Games makes  mobile games that reward you in air miles for playing. 


Enter the realm of Web3 for increased engagement and revenue.

Our approach to blockchain is simple: prioritizing the customer experience above all else.

Key benefits of Web3






Web 3.0 technologies are designed to be decentralized, which means that data and applications are distributed across a network of nodes, rather than being controlled by a single entity. This reduces the risk of censorship and ensures that users have more control over their data.

Privacy and Security

Web 3.0 technologies use advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure that user data is secure and private. This makes it more difficult for hackers and other malicious actors to access and steal data.


Web 3.0 technologies are designed to be interoperable, which means that different applications and services can communicate with each other seamlessly. This enables users to move data and assets between different platforms and services without any friction.


Web3 empowers ownership of loyalty rewards by using blockchain technology to enable users to have full control and transferability of their assets.

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